Á. A. Jurado-Navarro, et al.
Vibrational-vibrational and vibrational-thermal energy transfers of CO2 with N2 from MIPAS high-resolution limb spectra
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (2015JD023429), 120(15), 8002-8022, 2015; doi: 10.1002/2015JD023429
CO2 O13CO O13C18O OC18O OC17O Airglow aurora Chemical kinetic photochemical properties Middle atmosphere: energy deposition Radiative processes Remote sensing V-V V-T rate coefficients CO2 N2 non-LTE infrared emissions MIPAS


We present a retrieval of several vibrational-vibrational (V V) and vibrational-thermal (V-T) collisional rate coefficients affecting the populations of the CO2 levels emitting at 10, 4.3 and 2.7 μm from high-resolution limb atmospheric spectra taken by Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS). This instrument has a high spectral resolution (0.0625 cm−1) and a wide spectral coverage (from 685 to 2410 cm−1) that allow measuring and discriminating among the many bands originating the atmospheric 4.3 μm radiance. Also its high sensitivity allows measuring the atmospheric limb emission in a wide altitude range, from 20 to 170 km in its middle and upper atmosphere modes, and hence obtain information on the temperature dependence of the collisional rates. In particular, we retrieve the rate coefficients and their temperature dependence in the 130–250 K range of the following processes: math formula with vd=2v1+v2=2,3, and 4; math formula with math formula and Δl = 0; and with Δvd=0 and Δl ≠ 0. In addition we have also retrieved the thermal relaxation of CO2(v3) into the v1 and v2 modes, e.g., math formula with Δvd=2–4 and Δv3=−1 and the efficiency of the excitation of N2(1) by O(1D). All of them were retrieved with a much better accuracy than were known before. The new rates have very important effects on the atmospheric limb radiance in the 10, 4.3 and 2.7 μm spectral regions (5–8% at 4.3 μm) and allow a more accurate inversion of the CO2 volume mixing ratio in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere from measurements taken in those spectral regions.


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