K. Haris, et al.
Critically Evaluated Spectral Data for Neutral Carbon
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 233(1), 16, 2017
C neutral Carbon


In this critical compilation, all experimental data on the spectrum of neutral carbon known to us were methodically evaluated and supplemented by parametric calculations with Cowan’s codes. The sources of experimental data vary from laboratory to astrophysical objects, and employ different instrumentations, from classical grating and Fourier transform spectrometers to precise laser spectroscopy setups and various other modern techniques. This comprehensive evaluation provides accurate atomic data on energy levels and wavelengths (observed and Ritz) with their estimated uncertainties, as well as a uniform description of the observed line intensities. In total, 412 previously known energy levels were optimized with the help of 1221 selected best-observed lines participating in 1365 transitions in the wavelength region750 Å–609.14 μ m. The list of recommended energy levels is extended by including 21 additional levels found through quantum-defect extrapolations or parametric calculations with Cowan’s codes. In addition, 737 possibly observable transitions are predicted. Critically evaluated transition probabilities for 1616 lines are provided, of which 241 are new. With accurate energy levels obtained, combined with additional observed data on high Rydberg states, the ionization limit was determined to be 90820.348(9) cm −1 or 11.2602880(11) eV, in fair agreement with the previously recommended value, but more accurate.


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