M. Zhou, et al.
Ground-based FTIR retrievals of SF6 on Reunion Island
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(2), 651-662, 2018; doi: 10.5194/amt-11-651-2018


SF6 total columns were successfully retrieved from FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) measurements (SaintDenis and Maïdo) on Reunion Island (21◦S, 55◦E) between 2004 and 2016 using the SFIT4 algorithm: the retrieval strategy and the error budget were presented. The FTIR SF6 retrieval has independent information in only one individual layer, covering the whole of the troposphere and thelower stratosphere. The trend in SF6was analysed basedon the FTIR-retrieved dry-air column-averaged mole fractions (XSF6) on Reunion Island, the in situ measurements atAmerica Samoa (SMO) and the collocated satellite measure-ments (Michelson Interferometer for Passive AtmosphericSounding, MIPAS, and Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment Fourier Transform Spectrometer, ACE-FTS) in the southern tropics. The SF6 annual growth rate from FTIR re-trievals is 0.265±0.013 pptv year−1for 2004–2016, which is slightly weaker than that from the SMO in situ measurements (0.285±0.002 pptv year−1) for the same time period.The SF6 trend in the troposphere from MIPAS and ACE-FTSobservations is also close to the ones from the FTIR retrievalsand the SMO in situ measurements.


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