C. Clerbaux, et al.
Carbon monoxide distribution from the ACE-FTS solar occultation measurements
Geophysical Research Letters, 32(16), L16S01, 2005; doi: 10.1029/2005GL022394
CO 13CO C17O C18O Constituent sources sinks Middle atmosphere Pollution: urban regional General circulation


[1] This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the CO observations acquired during the first eight months (January to September 2004) of the ACE mission. We show that the ACE high-resolution Fourier transform spectrometer (ACE-FTS), which operates in the solar occultation geometry and covers a wide spectral interval in the infrared, provides useful measurements in both the CO 1-0 and 2-0 vibrational bands. Vertically-resolved CO concentration profiles are retrieved, extending from the mid-troposphere to the thermosphere (from about 5 to 110 km). We have analyzed the latitudinal variability of the measurements, from which various physical and chemical atmospheric processes are highlighted for further study.


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